Paitec ES8500 Pressure Sealer

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The Paitec ES 8500 is a heavy duty tabletop pressure sealer that features a unique elevator feed table that holds up to 700 forms. The ES 8500 features reverse friction feed rollers (a unique RFR system) that can detect and correct most double feeds without any help from the user. Any pressure form (checks, invoices, bills, grade reports, result forms, coupons, notices, and more) up to 14_x009d_ long and 9_x009d_ wide can be folded and sealed in no time at all and easily mailed. The auto-lift infeed holds an incredible 700 pressure seal forms (catch tray holds 150 so users do not have to reload forms as often during the 9,000 forms per hour process. And with a high duty cycle, users can seal up to 130,000 forms per month, roughly 6,000 per day without overworking the machine.

Users can remove the cover for easy access to fold and feed rollers to clean any residue, such as ink or dust. The LCD control panel features a batch counter, speed control, and electronic thickness detection. Easily adjust fold settings (Z, EZ, C, EC, V, & Double Parallel folds) and start sealing for a speedy, hands-free process. Also available for the ES 8500 is an optional metal cabinet, inline kit (to connect to select printers), and auto extending conveyer or vertical stacker (holds 650 finished forms). The ES 8000 is a great value for any business looking for a greener way to mail.

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