Omation Mini Mill Letter Opener (Catch Tray Not Included) -Discontinued

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Omation Mini Mill Letter Opener:Omation Mini Mill is ideal letter opener for home or small office. With a small footprint of just 17 inches in size and a weight of only 19 lbs., Mini Mill can fit just about anywhere in order to get job done. Like large Omation letter openers, Mini Mill features milling technology. By taking off little chips of paper instead of chopping off top of envelope like other envelope openers do, mill cutter leaves inside documents unharmed and protected. It also protects recipients from paper cuts by leaving a soft feathered edge instead of a sharp one.Another attractive feature of Mini Mill by Opex is its sleek and clutter-free design. All of paper chips that are milled off envelopes are stored in a separate compartment under machine and out of sight. This not only keeps surrounding area clean, it also helps avoid paper jams in mill. mail catch tray can be added as an extra feature to help keep your opened envelopes better organized.Not only is Mini Mill small, it is also powerful, opening up to 200 envelopes in a variety of sizes per day. Known for their durability, Omation has also made Mini Mill affordable for more people, being priced with small office in mind.

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