Omation Model 306 Envelope Opener - Letter Opener

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Model 306 easily opens letters ranging up to 13.5" in length and 1/2" in thickness and can do so at a rate of up to 35,000 letters per hour. advanced technology of Model 306 requires little operator sorting, jogging or assistance and virtually no operator experience to get full results; it is incredibly easy to use.Opex model 306 Envelopener has many advanced features that allow user to get most out of machine. Model 306 automatically collects bits of paper milled off of envelope when it is opened. They are collected and discarded through a tube, keeping your workspace clear and machine from getting jammed. It also has two mail tray supports to optimize your work flow. oversized envelope support and catch easily allows user to stack and transport envelopes. automatic jam detection notifies user when a paper jam has occurred and then clears it so work can continue. electronic counter features a digital count of up to 6 numbers on an LCD display that is easily resettable.Other features include batch counter, which assists in opening preset batch sizes up to 999. It also allows user to choose to either automatically stop or automatically pause job after preset count is reached. dater/printer function allows a custom print, date or both to be printed on envelopes as they go through machine.advanced milling technology doesn't simply chop off top of envelope like so many envelope openers do. Instead, a circular mill cutter quickly removes chips of paper from top of envelope. This not only protects documents inside envelope from getting cut up, but also prevents paper cuts by leaving a soft, feathered edge. operator can also manually adjust how deep they want mill to cut by using four-position depth of cut.

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