MBM Stitchfold Bookletmaking System (Discontinued)

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One of the biggest budget busters when making booklets is the need for staples. Whether they are heavy duty cartridges or standard rows, they are not cheap and they are prone to jamming or not providing professional results. The Stitchfold Bookletmaking System offers a more cost effective solution, and provides extremely clean and professional results. It uses a patented wire fed stitching unit that is more effective than staples, and which can create up to 65k publications without the need for any new wire spools. The Stitchfold Bookletmaking System is similar to other booklet making units in that it can interact with collating machines and can perform a range of functions. It will jog, stitch, and then fold booklets according to the specifications required. It uses knife folding gear that is equipped with rollers for the most accurate results. It has "stitching heads" that can be adjusted in the same ways that staple head settings can in other machines, and it also uses a powered exit conveyor to keep the system processing at optimal machines.

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