MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

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When you make booklets, but also produce reports, presentations, or other similar documents, you may not want to invest in separate finishing machines. Fortunately, the MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker can deliver an impressive range of functions that will allow print shops, copy centers, offices, and other producers to create a wide range of publications. The Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker will handle up to 1500 sets in an hour's time. It can accept up to 22 sheets per set (when online), but can handle booklets up to 88 pages when off line. Capable of performing saddle, side, or corner stapling procedures, this bookletmaker uses two stapling heads that can be set into five different positions. It can handle volume thanks to its high capacity staple cartridges that contain 5000 staples each. The look and feel of the staples is optimized by the flat finish technology on the machine, and each job has very professional results. The Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker ensures that operations are maximized by using automatic stop functions when the staples have run out, and which also will not operate if any of the covers or access panels are open. The unit also has many options and features that can make it even more functional. These include an optional face trimmer, the ability to integrate with collating machines, and the option to use the machine strictly for folding instead of stapling. In fact, the unit does come with an easy to engage bypass that skips fold rollers for corner stapling jobs, but it can also be reversed and do "fold only" jobs as well. Even challenging issues are overcome by the machines ability to stop automatically when any jam occurs. The Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker is a heavy duty machine and is sized accordingly. It weighs 280 pounds and has a foot print of 23" x 46". Heavy duty casters allow this unit to be moved with relative ease and total safety during times when it is not in use. It also can be used entirely offline and without any interaction with other machines. This is the machine often identified as an industry favorite because it does so much more than staple and fold documents. It can reduce production time by jogging, stapling, and folding in one process. The Sprint 5000 can be used for accurate folding of different kinds, and it can make more than just booklets. This makes it a very workable machine for a diversity of settings.

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