MBM Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker

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Whether you are looking to make high quality, small booklets, or top of the line booklets of up to 100 pages, the Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker is likely to become a go to solution. This is going to be due to its reliability and speed, but also because of its flexibility too. The Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker can deliver such effective tasks as jogging and booklet making in one single process. The way it works is simple, and it can handle up to 1500 booklets each hour when used "offline" or unconnected from a printing machine. The user just inserts the appropriate number of pages and sets the two stapling heads into the right position (there are four of them available). The machine will automatically adjust the speed of the process based on the specifications of the work, and will fold and finish one booklet as it is stapling the next in line. It uses heavy duty staple sticks that are also optimized for less frequent refills. The unit is equipped with a powered exit conveyor that ensures that the booklets are processed at maximum speeds and that the largest array of sizes is possible. The side guides on the Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker are set one inch wider than the actual booklet dimensions to facilitate the loading step. This also ensures the speed of the machine by eliminating the most common risks for jamming or misfeeding. Because so many print and copy centers need high speed booklet making, this machine is also capable of interacting with many associated machines. It can feature several bin machines and collators that will expand the booklet making capacity of the machine, and it can also be connected to printers if necessary, but this does slow down the speed of the process.

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