MBM Leowork Mobile Working Table (Discontinued)

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MBM Leowork Mobile Working Table:Capable lifting a weight of up to 110 pounds, Leowork working table is able to reliably support, raise, and lower a wide range of everyday office products. Heavy reams of paper, bulky printers, and dense folding machines fit securely on flat table top. Four smooth rolling metal casters allow you to transport heavier office equipment easily and safely, while 25.6'' x 23'' rectangular table top fits neatly into out-of-the-way office corners. A locking mechanism that secures casters in place ensures safety of more risky jobs done atop table, like paper cutting. A convenient switch-based electric control system located just under lip of table allows table height to be adjusted from 2' to 3.25' with press of a button - no other physical effort is required to raise or lower this table. A rechargeable battery in control panel eliminates need to stock special batteries, and allows work table's electronic adjustable height feature to run smoothly even after table is detached from wall. lights on control panel easily indicate when machine should be recharged. Made in Germany, with high quality rust-resistant steel, this work table will prove a versatile, long-lasting feature in any work space.

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