MBM Kutrimmer 1110 Paper Trimmer

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The MBM Kutrimmer 1110 paper cutter is identical to the 1080 model but is bigger and offers more cutting room and capacity for larger cutting projects. There are almost 13 more inches of cutting length, an impressive 43 inches. Without going to a rotary trimmer, this is the greatest cutting length you'll find. Extraordinarily large cutting jobs can be done without trouble due to its extremely generous table size. It even has an extension table for large format projects, and it does not take up extra space; it simply folds down. Safety features include a clear Lexan safety guard and blade lock. Are you looking to cut plastic, matte board or other such materials? The 1110 Kutrimmer's wide-angle blade can cleanly and accurately slice through tougher, heavy materials and produce professional-looking results. With the Solingen steel blade and narrow-strip cutting tool, you can produce even the narrowest trim. You can count on your materials staying in place with the foot pedal that provides optimal clamping. MBM's Kutrimmer paper trimmer 1110 makes your every heavy-duty cutting job simple and safe and brings quality trimming to the table. ;High flexibility; able to cut materials just over 3 1/2 feet long (over 43 inch cutting length), as well as a variety of items, including paper, plastic, metal foil, etc.;Easy to make accurate cuts, especially with the side guide measurements that can be read either in inches or meters.;Incredibly safe machine, including high, transparent safety cover and blade lock.

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