MBM FMM3 Paper Drill

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There are many publications that require holes to be created in the margins. Whether for binding or as parts of the design of the publication (such as textbooks, etc.), the holes must be accurate and variable. The FMM3 Paper Drill delivers these essential properties and is also a very user friendly machine. With the FMM3 Paper Drill you can lock the stack of paper into position using the six stop collars, and make any further adjustments using the two moveable drill heads, before you trigger the foot pedal control. This makes it possible to create any sort of finish on documents up to 32" in length and up to 2 inches in thickness. The FMM3 Paper Drill features three spindles that are capable of creating 1/4" drill holes. As indicated, there are two moveable bit heads that are easy to adjust and align in the proper position. Documents are also easier to handle on this drill because of the transversing table that measures 14" and allows documents to be moved and positioned with simple sliding gestures. The table is equipped with a measuring scale and features a mechanical lift that helps to move projects in any direction. It can accommodate other drill bits for specialty finishing, and though it comes with three 1/4" bits, it can also accept those ranging in size from 1/8 to 1/2 inch. There is a bit sharpener on the unit and the head is made of solid carbide. The FMM3 Paper Drill is a floor model that uses a foot pedal to trigger the drilling process. It relies on a .75 HP motor to get through stocks of all kind, and is actually a very manageable size. With a foot print of only 15x32, it is not a cumbersome machine that will consume great quantities of work space. If your business requires a very reliable and flexible finishing option, this paper drill is meant to deliver. It is extremely variable and can create a large array of holes. Whether you need deep or narrow margins, offset or multiple hole positions, or you just want to be able to create the appropriate finish to a large quantity of documents with consistency and speed, you can turn to this machine as a solution. It is meant to fit into almost any work space and can be customized to handle various bits and all kinds of projects.

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