MBM ES5500 Pressure Sealer

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The MBM ES 5500 is a convenient desktop pressure sealer with incredible capability and small footprint. A pressure sealer is a cost-efficient solution for mailers, saving time and money otherwise spent on envelopes. Use the ES 5500 to process checks, invoices, tax forms, bills, notices, coupons, and more. The feed table easily holds up to 150 sheets of paper at a time. Save time as it processes at a speed of more than 5000 pieces per hour. Though it is a desktop machine, it can handle the needs of multiple people with its monthly duty cycle of 30,000 finished pieces. The ES 5500 is equipped with advanced sensors that detect double feeds. If detected, the ES 5500 will immediately stop to prevent jams and only continue sealing once the problem is cleared. With the LCD control panel, users can monitor the piece and batch counter to keep track of items and select fold settings. With the easy-to-use setting knobs, adjust the fold plates for different folds (11" Z, V; 14" Z, EZ, V; Optional C Fold) for paper sizes as big as 9x14" . Angled sealed rollers apply maximum pressure making sure edges are clean and crisp for a secure seal that will not come apart during mailing. Collect finished items from the catch tray (that can hold up to 150 pieces) and send them on their way. With a noise level of 45 db, the 5500 operates quietly without disturbing the office.

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