MBM Bookletmaker Jr. (DISCONTINUED)

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MBM Bookletmaker Jr.:MBM Bookletmaker Jr. is an automatic booklet maker handles up to 15 pages at once. Bookletmaker Jr. is incredibly easy to use and can be said to be a "push button" design. It allows you to load pages and set controls to appropriate sizes. machine will automatically center document, staple it together, and fold it into a booklet form. Once pages are set into place, choose settings, and hit button. Bookletmaker Jr. has six preset booklet sizes, and it can be programmed with six additional designs to enable you to repeatedly make any custom booklet designs. It can accommodate paper sizes ranging from 8.25x10 to massive 12x17 booklets, and it can use five different staple locations too. This machine delivers heavy duty performance, though it is not meant to craft thick booklets or heavy weight documents. Instead, it has a 100 staple capacity and ability to make a few hundred sets per hour. It is built on a steel frame and weighs in at a pretty substantial 58 pounds, but it is not an oversized or large machine. Bookletmaker Jr. offers a foot print of 17x22x6, and this makes it a great solution for those with limited office or work space. Operation can be performed either manually or automatically. If you are operating a business that creates booklets on a regular basis, Bookletmaker Jr. is an ideal solution. Offering durability and flexibility, MBM Bookletmaker Jr. is capable of performing very complex procedures at press of a button. It is an affordable option for those who want professional results without enormous professional price that many book making machines require. This is an all-around good answer for a diversity of businesses and organizations.

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