Triumph MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter (Discontinued)

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MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter:MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter allows almost any business to create high quality cards on stock of their choice, including via color photo copying processes, and then cut them to "standard" business card size. way MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter operates is simple: You create a page of ten standard sized business cards, load pre-printed sheets into input tray, use control panel to set specifics of job, and begin cutting. finished cards are then sent into a collection tray on other side of machine. Naturally, MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter has to be set to specifications of individual pages - especially because they are not printed on formal business card stock with any sort of perforations or guidelines. This is a simple process using this device because it is equipped with self-correcting cut lines, easily adjusted settings, and extremely easy set up features.MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter features an LED control panel that counts cuts and cards created, and can even use preset subtraction functions. There are quick change perforator and scoring cartridges as well as self-sharpening blades. These allow unit to do ten sheets of business cards per minute, and to hold up to fifty sheets of preprinted cards as well. only paper size accepted by machine is standard 8.5" x 11", and number of sheets that can be placed in tray will vary due to thickness or weight. Because of its very quiet operation and reasonable size, MBM BC 10 Business Card Cutter can be used in even a relatively small office setting. It is only 16.5" x 23" x 12", and that makes it suitable for work spaces and professional shops alike. It weighs only 55 pounds as well, and is a very safe and flexible machine. If your business can benefit from doing in-house business card production, this unit is going to give you kind of reliable and high quality performance you need.; Quick and easy set and adjustments;Very durable;Construction is completely metal with German-made Solingen steel blade; Self sharpening blades

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