WBBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder

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Formerly known as the MBM 98M Paper Folder, the 98M is a manual paper folder from Whitaker Brothers Business Machines. One of the least expensive options in its category, the 98M is ideal for churches, schools and other small companies with low volume loads of paper. This compact, reliable folder is one of the best folders you can get in it's price range. It comes with color coded fold plate marks so even an untrained employee can master this machine quickly and easily. The user-friendly settings offer a programmable counter, that include batch and total functions. Instead of having to manually configure your settings for each project, these programmable options eliminate this burden and save you time. This folder handles paper sizes as small as 4" x 5" and as large as 8 1/2" x 14" and paper weights between 16 and 80lbs offset. With a powered, removable exit conveyor and exit tray, not only will it produce your folded materials in a tidy folded stack, this makes is a compact choice that will fit well in any home or office. The folder also comes with an automatic stop feature that will automatically stop after the last piece of paper in your batch is finished, ultimately preventing overheating.

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