MBM 307A Paper Folder (Discontinued)

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The MBM 307A paper folder, our most popular automatic folder, is a mix of simplicity and speed. Folding is extraordinarily easy: just choose your fold type and press start. The 307A is a tabletop, friction-fed machine that contains a 3-roller feed system and control model with LED 4-digit counter with batch and total capacity. This automatic folder is ideal for speedy production and a variety of folds. The 307A has 6 standard folds but keeps another 18 custom folds in memory. An auxiliary paper guide also allows for cross folding. The MBM 307A paper folder can hold 450 sheets in its feed try and fold up to 110 lb paper. Overall, the 307A folds up to a considerable 11,520 sheets an hour. This MBM paper folder provides a neat stack of folded paper on its extended exit tray. Once the paper is loaded into the tray, the user does not need to adjust it. Different paper weights are accepted by the single sheet feeding. The test button folds 2 sheets of paper for examination, and the folder automatically recognizes and displays the paper size, which can be 3 1/2 x 5 inches to 11 x 17 inches. Should correction be required, the 307A offers signals that can be both seen and heard. This tabletop paper folder has skew and micro dials that are make adjustments easy and efficient. The low-maintenance quick-release rollers are durable, and the enclosed fold tables eliminate most of the operating noise. The 307A automatic paper folding machine is combines power and ease of use into a compact paper folder.

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