MBM 207M Paper Folder (DISCONTINUED)

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The 207M by MBM is our most popular manual paper folder. The MBM 207M offers extremely easy set-up for either standard or custom folding, and cross folding that is easily allowable with the supplementary paper guide. The single sheet feeding provides for different paper weights. This easy paper folding machine can fold up to 80 lb paper, and the feed tray can hold an impressive 450 sheets at a time. The 207M's test button allows the user to inspect 2 sheets, and the long exit tray produces a tidy stack. The 207M has 3 quick-release rollers, which enable a variety of paper size and weight, and a friction feed system. Paper is loaded and unloaded from the same side, saving space. Though the MBM 207M is a condensed unit, its heavy-duty steel construction makes it durable and less susceptible to damage. This MBM paper folder has metal paper folding parts and quick slides for easy, precise adjustment. There are display and audio alerts in case of improper operation. The control panel has a LED 4-digit counter with batch and complete functions. This LED control system assembles 6 standard folds that start with the push of a button. The feed tray is located above the exit tray, and the machine folds at a fast rate of 10,500 sheets an hour. Because of its ideal features and top feed, the 207M paper folder is easily maintained. It is a fast, smooth and effective machine folder.

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