MBM 1800S Automatic Paper Folder

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It has the same ability as the 1500S to fold paper as small as 4.5" x 8.25" and as large as 13" x 19" it can also fold paper between 16 and 80 lbs. One of the amazing new features that the 1800S boasts is the ultrasonic double feed sensor. This allows the machine to detect double feeds on black, white, printed, transparent, or a mixture of colored sheets. Also new to the machine is a removable feed roller, adjustable folding roller pressure and spring loaded feed angle adjustment dial, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. This folder also features a top cover that opens and closes in two easy steps. This lets the operator reach the air adjustment knob without disruption when the top cover is open. The 1800S comes pre-programmed with the six different fold types previously mentioned. In addition, it comes with the ability to store 30 custom folds in its memory. The top of the machine features a control panel with an LED screen that displays a four digit counter with batch and total functions. The test button located on the machine will run two pieces of paper through so you can make adjustments as needed. Unlike the 1500S this folder also has an extended exit tray with automatic conveyor belt and self-setting exit rollers so your folded materials can be neatly ejected and stacked.

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