MBM 1500S Paper Folder (DISCONTINUED)

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The MBM 1500S is an automatic, tabletop, air-fed paper folder with a sleek design. The top feed and air suction system is fitting for digitally printed stock and coated paper. This powerful paper folder has a feed tray that can hold 500 sheets of paper at once, and it folds 15,000 sheets an hour. Paper size is automatically sensed and displayed; this paper folder's electronic settings make things easy for the operator. There are 6 folds programmed into the folder, but it stores another 30 custom folds in memory. The control panel contains LED 4-digit counter with batch and complete functions. This folding equipment is good for a varied range of folds and optimal feed pressure, due to the automatic feed table. The automated conveyor belt and longer exit tray provides a neat stack. The adjustable dials ensure easy maintenance, and the paper folding parts are metal for extra durability. There is no need to worry about incorrect operation going undetected, since there are both audible and readable alerts. The test button folds 2 sheets of paper for analysis. Different weights are easily maintained for with the single sheet feeding. The MBM 1500S, a good high-speed automation machine, is perfect for offices, churches and other organizations that carry out higher volumes of commercial folding.

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