Martin Yale Premier WC36 Paper Trimmer

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The heavy-duty wood series trimmers by Premier feature the W12, W15, W18, W24, W30 and WC36 models. They all can cleanly slice through 20 sheets of paper and the WC36 has an incredible cutting capacity. Able to accommodate paper 36 inches in length, it can cut large sheets. All models are versatile as well, capable of trimming matte board, film, tissue, textiles and cardboard. For easy and precise paper measurement and alignment right on the trimmer, there is a 1/2 inch grid with both standard and metric rulers. Even if you have many sheets to trim, the ergonomic, soft-grip blade handle keeps your hand comfortable. Should anything happen to your cutting blade, the lifetime warranty takes care of it. The exceptional safety features permit danger-free operation. These features include a finger guard that runs along the entire knife length, automatic blade latch that locks with every single motion and torsion spring that keeps the cutting blade from accidentally falling.

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