Martin Yale Intimus PacMaster Cardboard Shredder XL (Discontinued)

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If you find yourself discarding a large amount of cardboard, you might want to get the Intimus PacMaster XL. Instead of discarding perfectly useful cardboard, you can convert the unwanted cardboard into great packing material for shipping purposes. What is great about the PacMaster XL is it has separate pre-cutting zone in order for exact preparation of large format cardboards. There is no length of cardboard that is too big for the PacMaster XL. You simply run any size cardboard through the 16.75" feed opening, and the excess cardboard will just be cut off. You can then convert that excess cardboard into smaller packing material later. Not only can you shred any size cardboard, you can do so extremely fast. It has a shred speed of 35.4 ft/min. It also has a table between the pre cutting zone and the cutting mechanism so you can stay organized when dealing with large amounts of cardboard. The PacMaster XL is quite large, it is about 118.11" W x 55.12" D x 43.31" H and all together weighs about 1047.20lbs.

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