Martin Yale Premier P215X Paper Trimmer

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Many businesses rely on heavy duty cutting and trimming machines for accurate and optimal results. These large machines can often slice through an entire ream of paper or stacks of card stock with ease and with great accuracy. However, not all businesses require this kind of powerful cutting action. Even when they do, they may not want to use this sort of machine for all cutting procedures. This is why the Premier P215X Paper Trimmer can be seen as a viable solution for many. It is made from patented Unbreakable PolyBoard that is guaranteed to never bend, warp, or crack. This trimmer is imprinted with 1/2" grid lines and features both English and metric rulers to ensure accuracy in trimming of any material. The bed is fit with non-skid rubber feet to eliminate the dangers of sliding during use. It is sized to work with a large array of papers and materials - including card stock.

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