Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter

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The mid-sized Martin Yale 620RC 18" Manual Cutter offers powerful and substantial paper cutting capabilities for a reasonable price. The Martin Yale 620RC can perform several of the same functions as some other high volume paper cutting machines, but for half the price and half the size. With a cutting length and depth of about 18", the 620RC handles a stack of 3.14" 20 lb. bond paper, which comes to an incredible 800 sheets. This is an amazing volume capacity for a paper cutter this size.The Martin Yale 620RC provides several functions dedicated to accuracy and precision. This manual cutter features a battery operated cutting line that shows you where you are cutting and ensures cutting accuracy. Another great feature is the precise, manual back gauge, which can be adjusted with a hand crank located on the side of the cutter. This manual back gauge provides you with the freedom to alter the cutting settings for each new project. The Martin Yale 620RC also features a manual paper clamp, which provides additional pressure to your paper stack. This wheel clamp holds even the highest capacity of paper tightly while cutting. Finally, the Martin Yale 620 comes with Standard English and metric rulers, solidifying Martin Yale's commitment to accurate cutting.

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