Martin Yale 24050 2-Shelf Printer Stand

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The Martin Yale 24050 2-Shelf Printer Stand is a convenient way to save precious desk space. By moving your printer underneath a desk, instead of on top (where it takes up space), an ample amount of space is cleared for use. Made with 100% recyclable material (static dissipating steel construction), the printer shelf is durable enough to hold a printer, cables, and supplies. It can hold any printer size up to 75 lbs and 18"x18" in size. Standing at only 8.5", the 24050 can be placed under desks to free up work space. Built-in power strip holders (power strips not included) allow added outlets for added convenience. Cable management slots also help organize and prevent messy, tangled cords. The 24050 is lightweight, only 16 pounds and equipped with casters for easy pullout when needed. The shelf gives your printer mobility, allowing users to push the shelf and printer anywhere in the office. Conveniently keep paper stacked right underneath the printer and cables organized. Compared to the taller 24060, the 24050 has only one shelf tier beneath the printer. Depending on the size of your desk or the amount of available space, the 24050 is the more compact model...

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