Martin Yale 1628 Desktop Letter Opener

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A midsized business tends to receive a tremendous amount of mail. This mail has to be opened, sorted, and distributed. Why waste an employee's time opening letters prior to the sorting process when you can have the Martin Yale 1628 desktop letter opener do the work efficiently and far faster? The 1628 is a strong and effective letter opener that automatically opens a stack of envelopes fed through the blades. No "one by one" steps here because the Martin Yale 1628 desktop letter opener can easily tackle a stack up to 1" in height. The 1628 is very quiet and safe, with fully-enclosed blades to protect the user's fingers. The Martin Yale 1628 desktop letter opener is capable of handling an impressive volume of work, and can easily tackle approximately 3,000 letters in a single hour. The design of the machine also ensures the best performance as well. With skid-free rubber feet and a strong drive, it is a workhorse that will consistently tackle a very large amount of work each day.

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