Intimus VZ Special 28/35 Heavy Duty Shredder

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The Intimus VZ Special 28/35 is a heavy duty shredding machine for discs, plastic cards, plastic bottles, paper clips and staples, video cassettes, carbon tapes, PCBs, hard drives, floppy disks, tin cans, key tape, and of course paper. Just toss in your items to disintegrate media and shred paper, making it easy to recycle/reduce waste volume of a variety of materials (shred size: inch). The 28/35 is controlled electronically via SPS (Safety Power Switch) and the clear-cut control panel after the start switch is activated. Once activated, users simply need to load the hopper with media and watch as the media is destroyed. User safety is guaranteed as the shredder will not work unless door is completely closed and will remain closed until shredding is complete. A hopper cover closes to keep any particles from flying out during the shredding process. Users can even keep it from shredding when the door is open by using the limit switch. The 28/35, like most other Intimus products, possesses some features that ensure operation safety (i-Protect), optimized interaction of the several drive parts (E-max), automatic workflow (Logicontrol), and user friendliness (Easy Run). Auto stop/reverse/restart functions in the event of an overload as well as an emergency switch for immediate stop and a visual malfunction indicator provide peace of mind and a low-hassle experience. Any office or warehouse can shred paper, but other forms of media can also hold a lot of information. Purchasing multiple multimedia destroyers is costly and time consuming. Even with continuous duty, the powerful motor can handle constant shredding without overheating, thanks to its thermal protection, thus prolonging the machine's life. Users can even prevent unauthorized use with the lockable power switch. Residue is emptied into a waste receptacle for convenient disposal and users never need to come into contact with sharp particles. Like all other Intimus machines, the VZ Special 28/35 is built in Germany with high standards. Changeable cutting discs are specially formed to handle specified materials for a complete disintegration. The cutting cylinders are made of hardened steel for a lasting, quality performance. The noise level reaches 70 Dba (the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner), which for a machine this size is relatively quiet. This heavy duty performance is a cost-efficient way to reduce waste volume as well as recycle materials. Its high throughput and simple operation makes it an ideal choice for multimedia disintegration and information protection. Accessories available upon request. Contact Whitaker Brothers for custom options, pricing, and more info.

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