Intimus PacMaster S Cardboard Shredder

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Why discard unused cardboard when you can easily repurpose this material? The economical Intimus Pacmaster converts unwanted cardboard into filler and packing material for shipping purposes. Fragile items are protected by the shock-absorbent netting that this cardboard shredder creates. Specially patented cutting shafts tear through 2 layers of corrugated cardboard at a time. The board is cut into a packaging pad of up to 5/32" x 4 3/8". No piece of cardboard is too large for the Intimus Pacmaster. Feed any size into the 16 " opening and the overlong strips that are not shred are simply cut off. The spare piece of cardboard can then be fed and shred separately. The working surface has standard size guides marked on it and along with the sliding guide, accurate cutting is guaranteed. Rotary knobs control both on/off and reverse functions. Two switches are available: the main switch and the selector switch. The main switch controls on/off functions as well as an emergency option, while the selector switch features forward, stop, and reverse functions.

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