Intimus Pro 45 CC3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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Intimus 45CC processes your documents quickly, shredding at a rate of 16 feet per minute. Your documents are turned into security level 3, 5/32" x 1 13/32" particles. This cross cut shredder can handle CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, staples, paper clips, and credit cards. Although durable, the dual steel cutting cylinders are protected under a lifetime limited warranty. Repairing paper jams requires zero maintenance on your part. The 45 CC indentifies paper jams and automatically switches into reverse in order to correct the malfunction. The dust proof enclosed cabinet houses a shred bin which holds approximately 12 gallons of shred waste. This 70 1/2 lbs. shredder can be moved anywhere throughout your office thanks to the mobility casters. The multifunctional i-Control system confirms the shredder's operational status at all times. This system is easy to use and displays everything you would need to know about your shredder. Whether the shred bin is open or the motor is in danger of overheating, you are constantly kept aware. Environmentally-friendly and green conscious, the Intimus 45CC3 features the 2 x 2 cut and collect system. This system separates paper and non-paper debris for recycling purposes. After a period of idleness, the EcoLogic system puts the Intimus 45CC3 into a sleep mode in order to save energy. You never have to worry about noisy disturbance in your office. The Silentec insulation system absorbs sound waves before you even hear them. Finally, the DLS system gauges how much paper your shredder can handle. Like traffic lights, the Intimus 45CC3 alerts you if you are in danger of causing a paper jam. This flexible and accommodating shredder is perfect for use in small offices that call for low volume shredding.

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