Intimus Pro 32 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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Featuring advanced technology and proven efficiency, the Intimus Pro 32 CC is the perfect shredder for your small business. With the high quality, hardened steel cutting cylinders, the Intimus 32CC3 destroys 12 sheets at once into 5/32" x 1 1/8" particles. This cutting shaft are wear-free and are protected by a lifetime limited warranty. When paper comes into contact with sensors in the feed opening, the shredder automatically starts processing your documents at a rate of 12 feet per minute. The Silentec noise insulation system features a spring mounted shredder block that absorbs sound waves before you even hear them. Dedicated to producing environmental-friendly machines, the 2 x 2 cut and collect system separates paper and plastic waste. This is perfect for recycling purposes. The i-Control display system informs the user of the shredder's operational status. Want to know when the shred bin is full? Or what about when your shredder requires oiling? Backlit icons illuminate and immediately alert you to these and several other situations. The nearly 42 lb shredder is compact, yet holds a considerable 8.8 gallons of shred waste. For low volume shredding projects, the Intimus 32CC provides efficiency and capability.

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