Intimus Pro 175 CC6 P-7 High Security Paper Shredder

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The Intimus 175 CC6/P-7 offers high security protection for your sensitive and classified documents. A light barrier located in the feed opening detects paper and will immediately begin shredding. The i-Control panel makes using this shredder extremely easy. Thanks to this clear and user-friendly control system, you are always kept informed of the shredder's operational status. The DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) alerts you as to how much paper the Intimus 175CC6/P-7 can handle. Like a traffic light, colored lights illuminate in the feed opening as you feed paper. Once the red light comes on, you are in danger of a paper jam. But never worry should a paper jam occur. The auto reverse will remedy the problem. This Intimus model will save you money on electricity bills thanks to the EcoLogic energy saving mode. This will shut off your shredder after a period of inactivity. The Intimus 175 meets and exceeds NSA/CSS 02-01 specifications for high security cross cut shredders. The 175CC6/P-7 tears about 11 sheets per pass into 0.8 x 4.5 mm particles. For flexibility, this high security shredder is mounted on swivel casters, so feel free to move this machine around the office...

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