Intimus Pro 175 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 4/P-5

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Intimus 175CC cross cut paper shredder makes a perfect office shredder. This Intimus model makes your shredding jobs simple and quick thanks to the automatic start/stop function. A light barrier located in the feed opening senses paper and immediately begins shredding. Capable of shredding about 22 sheets per pass*, the Intimus 175 CC4 processes 23 feet per minute. Your documents are broken down into 5/64" x 19/32" debris. This waste is deposited into the 46 gallon wastebasket. The i-Control panel allows you to activate the shredder and informs you immediately should a problem arise. Back-lit icons illuminate, providing you with maximum clarity and visual insight regarding your shredder's operational status. The Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) indicates if your are overloading the shredder. Similar to a traffic light, the DLS will light accordingly, alerting you to any potential paper jam. The time-responsive Eco-Logic system puts your shredder to sleep after a period of inactivity. This way, if you accidentally forget to turn your Intimus 175 CC off, your energy bills will not sky rocket. Mounted on rollers for easy mobility, the Intimus 175CC4 would make a perfect addition to your office.

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