Intimus 130SP2 Strip Cut Paper Shredder (Discontinued)

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The Intimus 130SP2 destroys staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, credit cards, and floppy disks with little effort. If the user accidently overloads the unit, the 130SP2 automatically runs in reverse to remedy the jam. One way to avoid such jams is to pay attention to the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS). Like a traffic light signal, the DLS works to reveal appropriate sheet levels during operation. The green light signals an acceptable sheet capacity, while the red light warns users of the potential for a paper jam. User-friendly is one way to define this paper shredder. The i-Control interface acts as the center hub on the Intimus 130SP2. Controlling the shredder functions and displaying visual cues that alert the user to operational status, the i-Control panel is an Intimus staple. Need to know when your unit requires oiling? Or how about when the bin door is open? The i-Control detects these problems and more! Energy-efficient is another defining term. Once the Intimus 130SP2 has been inactive for some time, the EcoLogic energy management system switches the unit into sleep mode. During sleep mode, zero power is consumed. To reactivate the machine, simply start feeding paper. A 34 gallon catchbasket is housed in the dustproof enclosed cabinet. This cabinet is mounted on mobility casters, perfect for relocating this machine around your work space. Constructed of shock resistant plastic and wood, the Intimus 130SP2 weighs about 147 lbs. The high performance Intimus 130SP2 is sure to provide reliable results and add versatility to your office.

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