Intimus 130CP4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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The Intimus 130CP4 is a user-friendly, fully automatic document shredder that is highly compatible with the decor and layout of any office or department space. With whisper-quiet, dust-free operation, visual indicators, a full 16" throat width, and a guide strip to ensure accurate continuous feeding, this cross-cut model will reduce 20-22 sheets at a time to 5/32" x 1 27/64" particles at 30 feet per minute with minimal intrusion on your time and work environment. This model weighs 132 pounds, with a bin up to 34 gallons in capacity. The Intimus 130CP4 will not only shred staples, paper clips, and credit cards, but also CDs and Floppy disks as well. Special features of this model include "i-control," which is a comprehensive system of sensors that serves both as a central control system and as a maintenance system, using backlit icons to alert the user of any problems detected. I-control monitors temperature, paper jamming, oil level, the bin door, and bin capacity, among other elements. The "Ecologic" feature cues the shredder to move into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. While stand-by mode on other models reduces power consumption by some margin, sleep mode will reduce the power consumption to zero, reducing both environmental and financial impact. Finally, the "DLS" (Dynamic Load Sensor) feature detects the volume of paper being fed into the shredder, and will signal either a green, yellow, or red light (emulating traffic signals) to indicate the proximity of the amount of paper to the shredder's functioning capacity. If the red light is signaled, the "reverse" button on the i-control pad will, when activated by the user, push papers back out of the shredder to avoid or reverse a jam. Combined with a maintenance-free motor, this model brings together functionality and self-efficiency, and will prove a valuable addition to your office or department space.

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