Intimus Pro 120 CC3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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he Intimus 120CC3 guarantees heavy-duty security for such a compact office shredder. With advanced technology such as the Silentec sound dampening system or Ecologic energy saving mode, the Intimus 120CC is one quiet and cost efficient machine. Capable of shredding 21 sheets per pass, the fast 120 CC turns your documents and plastic materials into 5/32 x 1-13/32 inch particles. Overall, this shredder destroys 27 feet per minute. A separate cutting head destroys CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and plastic cards. For recycling purposes, the 2x2 cut and collect segregation system separates paper and non-paper waste thanks to the two cutting heads. Illuminated indicators on the i-Control panel light up for standby mode, when the basket is full, bin is open, or if there is a paper jam. To avoid paper jams, the DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) detects an overload of paper in the feed opening and lights up accordingly. The high quality Intimus 120 CC3 ensures the complete destruction of your documents.

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