Ideal Kutrimmer 1133 Paper Trimmer White Edition (DISCONTINUED)

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Now in a sleek white color, the Ideal 1133 Trimmer is a fast and easy solution for desktop trimming. Easily placed within reach on any tabletop, the 1133 trimmer possesses all the qualities of an effective manual trimmer. The 1133 can take on A4 to A6 sheets and digital photos for speedy cuts and trims. Simply place and cut as needed. The cutting board has typical paper and photo sizes printed onto the surface, making it easier to align. Once the paper or photo has been measured or aligned to the desired space and the clamp bar, simply check the cutting line indicator to confirm the cut. And once the paper has been positioned, the blade can be lowered to make a precise cut. And to ensure a steady, safe performance, the 1133 is equipped with rubber feet that prevent the trimmer from moving and a finger guard that prevents potential injury during trimming. Even the ergonomically shaped blade cutter handle is specially designed for the comfort of the user. The 1133 trimmer is conveniently sized, perfect for easy storage and desktop use.

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