MBM Triumph 1080 Paper Trimmer

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What makes the Triumph 1080 by Ideal stand out is its many features that make cutting a breeze. Flexibility is the hallmark of this paper trimmer; compared to the other Triumph models, the 1080 brings versatility to a new level. Its cutting length is great (over 31 inches) and it features a highly sufficient table size (32 x 24 1/4 inches). There is even an extension table that folds down, for exceptionally large trimming projects. If you need to cut narrow strips of paper, no problem. The narrow-strip cutting device located at the front of the trimmer can help with that. Heavy materials, such as plastic and metal foil, are easily cut with the 1080 trimmer's unique wide-angle blade. Positive clamping is ensured by the easily accessible foot pedal, and like all the MBM/Ideal trimmers, the safety features, including a blade lock and transparent safety guard, permit hazard-free operation. Made with the same quality as Triumph cutters and designed with the same ease-of-operation, the 1080 paper cutter is sure to deliver satisfying results.

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