MBM Triumph 1038 Paper Trimmer

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The Triumph 1038 paper cutter by MBM is one of our highest selling Triumph cutters, offering quality and safe performance. The clear Lexan safety guard is moveable and covers the blade in every position, ensuring the highest safety. The hand clamp moves independently from the blade handle. In addition to being easily adjustable, the front gauge uses a calibrated rotary knob with a fine adjustment scale for more precise positioning, and it can lock in every position. The 1038 also has fold-away paper supports that provide exact cutting of lightweight stock and can cut an impressive 50 sheets at a time. Blade changing is simple using the blade mounting bracket with double pivot bearings for the blade axle. This Triumph cutter has great narrow trimming ability, with the handy narrow-strip cutting device. Its non-skid feet allow you to make accurate cuts without error. The side guides, with measurements scaled in inches or metric system, offer a simple way of measuring your paper right there on the table. The MBM Triumph 1038 paper cutter sets the standard for ease-of-operation and accuracy in tabletop trimming.

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