MBM Triumph 0055 Rotary Paper Trimmer (Discontinued)

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Perfect for office and graphic applications, the Triumph 0055 manual rotary trimmer performs accurate cuts up to 21 1/2" in length. With a sleek design, the cutting table is made of high quality, anodized aluminum for guaranteed durability. Two measuring scales (measurements in inches) are placed on the cutting table to enable precise cuts. Got larger documents that need trimming? Slotted side brackets are available when working with oversized formats. These brackets are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. The self-sharpening rotary blade slices through blueprints, paper and foils, drawings, photos, posters, and more. With an automatic clamping system, documents are firmly held into place during the trimming process to prevent tearing, moving, or crinkling. The specially-hardened stainless steel cutting blade reliably slices through documents without fail. The precise cross bar yields easy sliding and smooth cutting. When handling trimmers with extremely sharp blades, users should always err on the side of caution. Worries are relieved thanks to MBM's guaranteed safety cutting head. The self-sharpening counter blade is covered by this safety cutting head for enhanced operator protection. As a tabletop model, the Triumph 0055 offers dimensions of 15" D x 31.5" W x 4.33" H (110 x 800 x 380 mm). Taking up little room, this rotary trimmer fits conveniently in any print shop or mailing center. Extremely lightweight, the near 10 lb. trimmer is easy to pick-up and relocate if necessary.

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