HSM V-Press 860 P

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Designed specifically to handle PET/UBC bottles, the V-Press 860 P takes on opened/perforated bottles and compresses them into compact bales. The V-Press 860 P is ideal for any industry dealing with a high volume of PET bottles The V-Press can output 1 to 2 bales per hour, these bales can weigh up to 507 lbs. Utilizing a heavy duty bale ejector chain, bales are ejected from the machine directly onto pallets for easy transport. With the reinforced press chamber and door lock, the V-Press 860 P, there is double the amount of retaining claws typically found in HSM balers that work to optimize the compression process while eliminating the number of tedious loading actions. Users do not need to do more than load, command, wait, and transport bales. The 860 P is flexible and can be modified to crush other materials as well.

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