HSM V-Press 60 (Discontinued)

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The V-Press 60 is the smallest vertical baler HSM offers, and provides simple, no hassle compression of materials. Designed to compress light materials, such as plastic film and lightweight packaging, the V-Press 60 is compact and mobile so it can be easily relocated to wherever it's needed. It's ideal for industry, manufacturing, and trading, or any business that uses (and discards) lightweight packaging materials. This manual press is incredibly easy to use and requires a minimum amount of strength to press materials. Since the V-Press 60 is conveniently mobile, there is no need to place bale materials in storage before compressing. Simply fill the V-Press 60 with discarded plastic (or other materials) after unpacking until you're ready to press the lever. The V-Press 60 doesn't require electricity or any sort of servicing so a quality performance is guaranteed without the hassle of maintenance. The bales are equally small and light (compared to large balers), and are easy to stack. The lightweight bales can be pressed (with other small bales) in larger balers (HSM's hydraulic balers) to produce even bigger and denser bales.

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