HSM SP 5088 1/4" x 1-9/16"- 2-1/16" 3x400V Shredder Baler

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The HSM 5088 shredder/baler offers all of these qualities and many more. Ditch the tedious task of hand feeding materials into the throat of your shredder. With a loading table and electric conveyor belt, your manual feeding is made easy. The spacious table allows for an abundance of materials, while the conveyor belt pulls these items into the shredder. Stay safe thanks to the convenient emergency stop-rail located in front of the loading table. Should a problem occur, this machine can be stopped in an instant. The operating element is multifunctional and features continuous or reverse operation. Paper jams are near inevitable. Seriously damaging situations can be avoided thanks to the automatic reverse function. When a paper jam is detected, the HSM 5088 kicks into reverse to remedied the problem. Whether you are destroying paper, three-ring binders, heavy cardboard, chip cards, or even CDS, the HSM 5088 tears apart these items to produce 0.24"x1.58"- 2.1" particles. Shredder maintenance is effortless thanks to the integrated, automatic oiler.

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