HSM SP 5080 9/32" x 1-1/2"-3" 3x400V Shredder Baler

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The tried-and-true HSM SP 5080 shredder baler combination unit offers reliable data destruction. Why simply shred your materials when you can shred and bale? Maximize efficiency with the HSM 5080, which shreds and bales at the same time. Hand feeding can be tiresome and time-consuming. The wide loading table lets you stack your materials while the conveyor belt feeds them into the shredder. Feed a variety of materials, including three-ring binders and cardboard. The specially-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are sturdy enough to break down these materials into 0.3" x 1.56" - 3" particles. The multi-functional operating and display element allow for continuous and reverse operation. In the case of overfeeding, the HSM 5080 automatically kicks into reverse to power through the jam. The powerful gear motor features chain drive for maximum throughput capacity. Overall, the HSM 5080 handles approximately 500 - 550 sheets and over 1322 lbs per hour (600kg).

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