HSM SP 5080 0.41" x 1.57" - 3" 3x400V Shredder Baler Level 3/P-4

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The HSM 5080 offers the advantages of efficiency, durability, and user-friendly operation. The automatic control guarantees quick and easy handling. Each model features high quality, solid steel cutting rollers to tear through your toughest materials. Stack books, reams of paper, three-ring binders, even cardboard onto the loading table. But that's not all. The HSM 5080 is insensitive to smaller metal objects, as well as chip cards, CDs, disks, and similar materials. From there, the high performance electric conveyor pulls these items into the 19.7" feed opening. As the shredder breaks down your items, they are transformed into 0.4" strips. The advanced technology prevents your materials from passing the cutting unit without being destroyed. These level 2 security strips then fall directly into the baling press. For maximum efficiency, the shredding and pressing operations occur simultaneously. Thanks to the automatic photoelectric control, the HSM 5080 detects your shredded material and begins the pressing process. High pressing power compresses the shredded waste, forming 31 1/2" L x 22 1/2" W x 19 1/4" H bales perfect for recycling centers. These bales are emptied directly into convenient waste bags. The modern PLC press control unit offers multi-language display and user-friendly menu navigation. Once your bales are finished, the handy display indicates a "bale ready" icon. For easy maintenance, the HSM SP 5080 comes equipped with an integrated, automatic oiling system for the cutting unit. Quality and durable casters make the HSM 5080 much easier to relocate around your production space.

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