HSM Shredstar BS6Ms Micro-Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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With a sleek, compact design, the HSM ShredStar BS6Ms Micro-Cut Shredder is a fan favorite for obvious reasons. Document destruction can literally be at your fingertips. The petite 8 2/3" D x 18 1/4" W x 16 " H dimensions mean that this shredder can easily fit beside or underneath your home or personal office desk. Need to transport this shredder for use elsewhere? This is a far from burdensome task, as the HSM ShredStar BS6Ms weighs just 17 lbs. In addition, the BS6Ms is mounted on durable mobility casters for extra relocation simplicity. Now that we've touched on the convenience of this unit, let's look at the capabilities and features. Destroying up to 6 sheets at a time, the ShredStar BS6Ms produces 5/32"x 1 3/8" particles. With level 4/P-4 security, this ShredStar offers the added data protection while still maintaining the capability of destroying staples and paper clips. The 100% solid steel cutting rollers handle these items without trouble, and are wear-resistant for years of service. LEDs illuminate to indicate when the bin is full or when the unit is overloaded. The shred bin, which holds up to 5 gallons, is easy to remove and replace. Anti-Jam technology combats paper jams by automatically switching the shredder into reverse mode. The machine will continue to run in reverse until the jam is remedied. The energy-efficient and whisper quiet (Whisper Shred technology) ShredStar BS6Ms also features a continuous duty motor. This means no downtime required and reliable shredding even under constant loads. With the Energy Management Control System, the ShredStar BS6Ms consumes far less power when switched into stand-by mode. Whisper Shred technology means lower noise levels (rather than loud, aggravating sounds) during operation. The affordable and user-friendly HSM ShredStar BS6Ms grants home and private offices protection and personal identity security.

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