HSM Shredinator 24" Shredder Bin

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The Shredinator is the best solution for efficient storage of confidential documents prior to being shredded. The Shredinator is the perfect security container to fit into tight spaces, such as beside a desk or under a counter. Commonly used in places where bulk destruction is needed but space is limited such as hospitals, large offices or universities, the Shredinator is a perfect fit for any secure collection program with a small footprint yet large capacity. The Shredinator blends in with the majority of offices due to its small size and neutral color. It is recommended that the Shredinator be strategically placed throughout the office for easy and convenient use by all employees. Whether the bin is used in conjunction with a mobile shredding company, or with the company shredder, the Shredinator is a solution to the other big, bulky bins. The 100% recyclable container includes a completely removable and lockable lid, with a key that can control every console, cart, Shredinator and PDC. This creates an efficient, yet secure system that allows an office to control multiple consoles with only one key. Combined with a tamper proof lid, the Shredinator assures the defense of sensitive documents. The Shredinator's sturdy design and durable material assure protection for materials within. It eliminates the option of "lazy tosses" of confidential information. The Shredinator holds the same volume of paper as traditional consoles at a smaller size for optimal functionality and efficiency. It features ergonomic top and bottom handles that create an easy and simple dumping process. Weighing less than 6lbs, it can be easily relocated to wherever its needed. With excellent security and flexibility, the Shredinator is a perfect fit for your office.

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