HSM Securio P44 L6 Optical Media Shredder

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If your business has large amounts of documents, CDs or other optical media that contain extremely sensitive information, the HSM Securio P44 High Security Optical Media Shredder is the perfect shredder for your business. The P44 Optical Media shredder can shred up to 20 documents at once, cutting each document into 12,065 confetti-like particles. What makes this shredder so powerful is its solid steel cutting cylinder. There is also a separate slot for credit cards and CDs/DVDs. The P44 will shred credit cards and CDs/DVDs into the tiniest of particles, completely destroying all the data and information on the CDs and DVDs. Those tiny particles will fall into a small bin which can be easily removed and emptied. Paper shreds fall into an ample 55 gallon waste bag that can be easily monitored thanks to the built in inspection window. The P44 Optical Media Shredder is not only powerful, it is also very reliable. It comes equipped with JamStop Anti-Jam Technology, which prevents the P44 from paper jams. When the shredder is overloaded with documents, instead of someone having to manually fix a jam, this shredder will fix the problem for you. It will automatically switch to reverse mode until the jammed paper is forced out. Not only will you not have to fix paper jams, but you will also not even have to lubricate the cutters. The P44 comes with an automatic oiler, that will lubricate the cutters for you. So instead of dealing with shredder maintenance, you will can be more productive with your time.

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