HSM Securio P44 1/8" Strip Cut Shredder

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Capable of destroying documents, accessory materials such as staples and paper clips, and even media such as CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, and USB sticks, consider the HSM Securio P44 strip cut shredder for your office. The optimized cutting technology shreds between 61-63 sheets of paper at once, creating 56 strips per page. The 1/8" strips of paper fall directly into the generous 55 gallon shred bag. This high gallon capacity is perfect for these strips, as they will fill up the bag quicker than cross cut particles. Media, such as credit cards, floppy disks, and CDs/DVDs, can be fed through a separate slot. This keeps plastic and paper waste separated. To check if the bag is full, no need to open the cabinet door and take a peek. Rather, users can simply look through the convenient inspection window. When this reusable bag does reach full capacity, an icon on the multifunctional operation button will illuminate. The multifunctional display unit also includes icons full door open, paper jam, button lock, metal detection, and more! Users need only check the display unit for updates on operational status. /s/files/1/0173/4452/8448/files/HSM-Callout-Banner-Large.jpg" style="">

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