HSM Securio P40 1/8" Strip Cut Shredder

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Energy-efficient and whisper quiet, the HSM Securio P40 fits in any department and suits an entire office floor. The powerful continuous duty motor handles even under a constant load. Optimized for shredding up to 47 sheets at a time, the Securio P40 level 2/P-2 turns your documents into 1/8" strips. For those willing to test the accepted sheet capacity may be in for frequent paper jams. If the shredder does become overloaded, JamStop works to rectify the jam and restore smooth operation. The 100% solid steel cylinder is strong enough to handle staples and paper clips, as well as harder materials such as credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and floppy disks. A separate slot exists for feeding media, such as credit cards and CDs. By feeding these items into this slot, plastic and paper waste are kept separated. Shredded paper falls directly into the 40 gallon reusable shred bag for quick and easy disposal. Want to monitor shred level? Simply peer through the inspection window located at the front of the cabinet. Weighing in at 158 lbs., the Securio P40 is mounted on durable casters. These casters make it easier to relocate this machine throughout the department or office. When the shredder has been inactive for a period of time, the unit will automatically switch into stand-by mode. The Energy Management Control System manages and reduces power consumption by up to 90%. The Comprehensive Safety System (UL Approved, CE-Certified), folding safety element, and lock button promise the highest level of user protection. The operating and display unit allows for intuitive use of this HSM shredder. Backlit icons will illuminate and indicate operation status. These icons include paper jam, container full, door open, metal detection, and button lock. The design of this unit partnered with the Whisper Shred technology ensures low noise operation. German-made, quality engineering, and proven capability make the HSM Securio P40 strip cut shredder a great low security option for professional offices and departments.

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