HSM Securio P36 L6 High Security Cross Cut Shredder

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Made in Germany, HSM Securio P36i Level 6/P-7 High Security Shredder is NSA approved and TAA Compliant. Capable of destroying up to 14 sheets at a time, Securio P36i breaks down highly confidential documents into small 1/32" x 3/16" particles. One piece of paper shred yields up to 12,065 confetti cut particles! multifunctional operation button is main control and display unit for this shredder. Need to know why operation suddenly stopped? Check this display unit, which features icons for several issues, including paper jam, bag full, door open, oil reservoir empty, and more! 100% solid steel cutting cylinder rips through your documents without a problem. However, like any typical high security shredder, HSM Securio P36i will only accept paper. Staples or paperclips will cause serious damage to cutting head. In addition, failure to follow suggested sheet capacity may lead to paper jams and other problems. If a jam occurs, shredder will automatically switch into reverse mode (JamStop Anti-Jam) technology. unit will continue to run in reverse until jam is repaired. One way to keep this shredder running in top condition is to frequently oil cutting rollers. HSM Securio P36 high security model actually comes equipped with an automatic oiling system, which lubricates cutting cylinder during shredding process. No manual oiling required! In busy offices, occasionally operators may forget to shut shredder off after use. This shredder will switch into a low power stand-by mode after a period of inactivity. EMCS (Energy Management Control System) reduces energy consumption in stand-by mode by up to 90%. 150 lb. HSM Securio P36i is large enough to support entire departments and office floors. Although large, cabinet is mounted on sturdy mobility casters, which allow for easier movement throughout your office. This cabinet houses a 38 gallon waste bag and convenient pull-out frame. HSM Securio P36i Level 6/P-7 ensures data security in a quality package.

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