HSM Securio C16 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder Level 2/P-2

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Perfect for 1-3 users, HSM Securio C16 strip cut shredder shreds between 16-18 sheets of paper at a time. A low volume shredder, HSM C16 takes you documents and turns them into 1/4" strips. While destroying paper is most likely your main priority, you probably don't want to deal with removing paper clips or staples. HSM C16 tackles these accessory materials as well as credit cards. This is in part due to solid steel cutting cylinder, made from 100% solid steel for guaranteed high cutting capabilities. HSM offers a lifetime warranty guarantee on this cutting cylinder. Your shredded material collects in 6.6 gallon waste container. Monitor waste levels through convenient inspection window. For easier waste removal, handle recess on top makes it easier to lift upper part of machine to empty waste container. If shredder becomes overloaded, Securio C16 automatically detects jam and switches into reverse mode. Thanks to "JamStop Anti-Jam" technology, this unit will continue to run in reverse until jammed material is forced out. Quiet operation is expected for any home or personal office shredder. HSM's "Whisper Shred" technology guarantees whisper like shredding sounds during operation. Zero Energy Standby reduces power consumption to zero while this mode is activated. Simply begin feeding paper again to restore operation. German engineering means that this shredder will work diligently for years without fail. With 10.2" D x 14.4"W x 17.9" H dimensions, HSM C16 will fit conveniently next to your desk for ready use. Any junk mail or unneeded documents can be simply fed into your shredder and eliminated. Weighing near 9 lbs.

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