HSM Securio B35 Cross Cut Shredder

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The HSM Securio B35 Cross Cut shredder is an ideal paper shredder for small businesses. It's much bigger than a personal home shredder with the dimensions 20.67" D x 24.3" W x 34.25" H and a weight of 106.5 lbs. It also has a bin capacity of 34.3 gallons making it a perfect fit for small businesses. The HSM Securio B35 Cross Cut shredder can shred up to 26 sheets of paper at once including documents with staples and paper clips. It's 100% solid steel cutting cylinders gives the HSM Securio B35 the ability to also shred credit cards and CDs as easy as paper, simple feed them into the specially marked slot. The shreds will still fall in the same place, the 34 gallon waste bin. The Securio B35 has a modern design with a tinted front window which allows you to see when the waste bin is completely full. The HSM Securio B35 Cross Cut shredder is perfect for small businesses that want absolutely no distractions. This cross cut paper shredder has a quiet operation which means that the actual shredding will be no louder than a whisper. Not only is this cross cut shredder equipped with quiet operation, but it also comes with a continuous duty motor, which ensures there is no down time for employees. The HSM Securio B35 is also perfect for business that are concerned with becoming environmentally responsible. This cross cut shredder has an energy management control system that can save up to 90% on power usage especially when compared to a standard stand-by switch. What really makes the HSM Securio B35 so perfect for small businesses is its JamStop Anti-Jam Technology. This technology allows for the shredder to stop and/or clear paper jams with absolutely no outside assistance. When a jam does occur due to overloading the shredder, the HSM Securio B35 will automatically switch to reverse mode until the jammed paper is finally forced free. This allows for you to be productive rather than focusing on shredder maintenance. The HSM Securio B35 Cross Cut shredder is easy to use and produces excellent results. HSM is known for their quality and reliability but in case there are any problems or defects, the B35 comes with a 2 year warranty. But even better is the fact the 100% solid steel cutting cylinder comes with its own lifetime warranty. So you can be sure it will provide many years of dependable service.

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