HSM Securio B35 1/8" Strip Cut Shredder (DISCONTINUED)

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HSM Securio B35 Strip Cut shredder is optimal shredder for small businesses. It is equipped with latest office shredder technology, which gives B35 strip cut ability to destroy up to 32 sheets at once! With help from its cutting cylinder, which is made with 100% solid steel, HSM Securio B35 shredder will cut each document into 56 small strips of paper. HSM Securio B35 can even destroy documents with staples and paper clips. There is also a separate slot that allows you to destroy credit cards and CDs. With HSM Securio B35 you will receive great results with extremely quiet operation. Not only will HSM Securio B35 strip cut shredder deliver exceptional results, it will also fight paper jams on its own. It is equipped with JamStop Anti-Jam Technology, which allows HSM Securio B35 to prevent paper jams with no outside assistance. When shredder is overloaded, it will automatically switch to reverse mode and force paper that is jammed out. B35 has a continuous duty motor which means it can power through large shred jobs with no down time. This gives employees more time to be productive rather than spend their days shredding documents. If your small business is concerned with saving energy, then HSM Securio B35 is perfect for you. B35 comes with an Energy Management CS that reduces power consumption when shredder is in standby mode. HSM Securio B35 comes with built-in casters making it very easy to move and relocate within an office. Its dimensions are 20.67" D x 24.3" W x 34.25" H and it weighs around 106.5 lbs. It features an ample waste bin that can hold up to 34 gallons of shreds before needing to be emptied. You will know when bin is full by simply looking at window on front of shredder. When you can see shreds at top of window, all you have to do is open door and take out bag full of shreds and replace it with another bag.What's really great about Securio B35 is its warranty. HSM assures that any new products sold will be free from defects upon delivery. However, if for some reason you receive a defective office shredder, all parts are under warranty for two years from when product is purchased except for cutting rollers. Cutting rollers of any office shredder are under warranty for ten years from date of purchase. But what differentiates B35 from other office shredders is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on solid steel cutting cylinder.

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